Business Opportunity

What is the Opportunity?

We all need to earn money, whether that’s to pay the mortgage or the rent, fund childcare, repay debt or simply just to pay those all-important bills. Ask yourself the following questions:

  • What if you could change that routine by taking one simple step?
  • What if by doing so you could change your lifestyle, be debt free, take holidays to exotic places, buy that new car, move to that bigger house?

Well we can help you to get wherever you want to be, this is your opportunity. Whatever you dream of whatever you aspire to be this opportunity can help you make it a reality.

We started My Lifestyle Changes to give us a happier and healthier life and in doing so found a business that has changed our lives, a business that can be replicated no matter what your educational background or work history . All we require is someone who has a strong work ethic and who is capable of making friends wherever you may go.

Working for yourself, but as part of our growing team , you can decide how much you want to earn and how many hours you want to work. You can earn between £200-£600 working alongside a current job, or upwards of £2,000 per month full time. As you build your business there is access to a monthly car allowance, a share in company turnover not to mention incentives such as 5* luxury holidays. All of which can be achieved if you have a strong work ethic and if you help build your teams.

There are a number of opportunities available both nationally and internationally.  Positions available are dependent on what you are looking for and how many hours you want to ‘work’ the opportunity to improve your own life is truly limitless.

It is illegal for a promoter or participant in a trading scheme to persuade anyone to make a payment by promising benefits from getting others to join the scheme. Do not be misled by claims that high earnings are easily achieved

We are recruiting for three main roles:

As a product sponsor you can build your income by simply helping people to make lifestyle changes  and working with tried, tested and trusted products aimed  health , fitness and wellbeing. In this role you will be shown how you can build your own customer base by recommending products to family, friends and colleagues. This role can be run part time in tandem with existing job or family commitments.  By simply building a loyal customer base of just 20 people you could earn between 250-600 per month.

As a team leader you can develop and build your own team . For this role you will build a small customer base and will be shown how to duplicate your success and grow your team. This role can be either part time or full time and will work alongside your current commitments. By expanding and building your own team you could earn between £600-£2000.

As a manager you could support and mentor national and international businesses.


Callum Wright, Supervisor

My background is in the football industry, playing for Wolves when I was young, and later full-time at Shrewsbury Town Football Club. Shrewsbury didn’t renew my contract, so I then had to go into full-time work, which was something that I didn’t really want to do.

I still play semi-professional football for Newtown Football Club, and I also coach sports in primary schools. I had been looking for something that I could work alongside my full-time job. I was shown some information about the business and instantly saw a fantastic opportunity that I would be able to work around my other commitments, without compromising my coaching hours.

I believe that sports nutrition is becoming increasingly important and popular, and one of my aims is to really break into the sports market. I also want to be financially free and have the lifestyle of my dreams. I believe my Forever business is going to make this happen.


Samantha Fawdry-Jeffries, Manager

August 2013 was a huge turning point for me and my family. I’d recently given birth to our second child, Molly, and was busy being mum at home to both her and our two-year-old son, Harry. During July that year, I’d made a huge decision to sell my business of three-and-a-half years. I’d been busy running a bridal boutique and absolutely loved what I did. However, once I’d had my little ones I was then having to pay full-time staff on top of all the other overheads, and there just wasn’t enough left for me at the end of each month – yet I still had all the stress and responsibility.

As much as I loved being mum at home, I soon realised that I needed something more. Forever has been in my life for the past 18 years as my mum has built an amazing business during this time. Seven years ago my sister also joined the business and has been a real inspiration.

From making the decision to join Forever, my business flew pretty quickly. I had a sense of urgency as knew that I needed an extra £600 per month to replace my shop income. In three months I’d achieved this, had built an amazing team and made some wonderful friends. Six months in and my income is more than I’d thought possible when I started. It’s amazing what happens when you set solid goals!